Tavistock Corporate Office Buildout

Tavistock Group contracted T&G to complete a high end tenant build out for an office. Planning for this project was crucial since the schedule could not be adjusted and the materials were all special ordered/custom made. The existing shell required careful planning and execution to ensure the schedule was met. During phase two a barricade was built which consisted of a level 4 finish wall. From the other side it was impossible to know construction was going on behind it. The final product produced was a beautiful, contemporary, high end office. Every room boasts stunning finishes. Installation of a digital map that extends from the five custom televisions arranged on the wall like art that extend to the ceiling create a magnificent art design in the lobby area. The custom doors fabricated to enclose the  brainstorming” conference room added a magnificent touch to the luxurious design and décor. The customer was pleased with the incredible space created from the original shell.