Dioceses of Orlando St Francis of Assisi Church

The new Blessed Sacrament Chapel and Education Building was designed to harmonize with the forested site of the existing St. Francis of Assisi Church. The Chapel is situated on two acres, framed between live oak trees and peaked structures that relate to the existing church building. The Chapel is typical masonry and a complex steel construction, with glassed perimeter walls at the second and top levels. The entire 24 foot high rear wall of the chapel is glass, overlooking a heavily wooded area. The facility consists of a 180-seat assembly, vestry, sacristy, religious bookstore, kitchen, and canopied passage ways that transition from a broad, public and casual space to a quiet, dignified and holy room for worship. The Education Building is typical block construction with wood trusses. The facility accommodates 225 students and includes five classrooms, teacher preparation areas, meeting rooms and administrative offices. T&G Constructors successfully coordinated the construction phasing and materials installation to accomplish a very sophisticated level of detail and a high level of finishes in the Chapel.