Christ Fellowship Downtown Miami Campus

T&G originally was contracted to replace the structural roof deck and tile along with window and spalling concrete repairs. This portion of the project was originally slated for completion late 2018, however the scope grew to include the complete restoration of the historic precast concrete porticos on the east and south facades. The interior was also restored – the sanctuary including all the wood, interior decorative gesso and central medallion restoration and painting of all the interior tiled dome and the Pulpit. T&G setup an in-house window shop in the church to complete the restoration of 100 + steel casement windows that were over 90 years old. T&G removed all the windows, sandblasted and straightened them. T&G replaced the original glass windows and replaced it with hurricane impact resistant glass and reinstalled the hardware and the windows. The final phase of this project includes to modernize the church sections that are not deemed historic. The construction of two new stair towers, the installation of all updated MEP’s along with the interior redesign of the church areas deemed for offices, classrooms and cafe.