Adventure Island Solar Vortex

This attraction at Adventure Island included the demolition of the existing waterslide and selective structural slide components. T&G constructed additional concrete footers and pedestals which received new structural steel components to support the new slide system. T&G also installed a new storm water system in the project area which tied into the existing storm system. T&G was able to work around a tight space that posed for some logistical challenges, however the team was able work around them and accomplish the project. There was demolition of selective decorative concrete which were replaced with new concrete and serve as a lounge area, pathways, and a new queue line. T&G built a new wooden queue line railing and wooden bridge over the lazy river that served as part of the queue line used by the slide guests. Additionally, T&G installed a new concrete queue deck at the top of slide tower platform that received the new slide entry and additional guardrail. T&G was able to install a new metal railing to match the existing layout at the slide tower and new outdoor shower including water supply and sanitary lines, and new irrigation and  landscaping system.