K-12 Education

Situation > T&G was contracted to remodel classrooms located on the second and third floor at Liberty High School in Kissimmee, Florida. 

Action > The scope consisted of renovation work in Building 6, Level 3 Classrooms (313, 314, 315) and Building 7, Levels 2, and 3 Classrooms (225, 227, 228, 325, 327, and 329). The project included the conversion of (3) sets of (3) classrooms into (3) sets of (2) larger classrooms, totaling an approximately 4,948 SF. The school also included demolition of existing acoustical ceilings and grid, base, flooring, doors and frames, marker boards, and tack boards/strips. Separation walls were demolished to combine the (3) classrooms into (2) larger classrooms. Scope of work also included the renovation of floor, wall, and ceiling finishes, the adjustment of existing fire protection sprinkler heads, re-working of existing HVAC systems, and renovated the existing low voltage systems to accommodate new teacher lap-top charging stations and interactive flat-screen monitors.


SDOC Liberty High School

School District of Ocseola County


Contract Amount
$440 K

Kissimmee, Florida


Schenkel Shultz

Management Post-Construction