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As a company we’re united by a common goal: Outperform.
Delivering Quality.

Transformation of Construction Industry
Uncertainty and challenging financial conditions has transformed the commercial construction landscape. Today more than ever, clients are seeking to partner with service-driven, qualified commercial contractors who speak their business language of minimizing risk, maximizing returns and building equity long after the construction project is completed.
Our T&G team of entrepreneurs and experienced professionals have worked hard since 1987 to provide our customers with a level of service for which our clients believe there is no substitute. Clients call it the T&G Way.  We call it outperforming every single day. 

Outperforming At JC Penney
What happens when you take a former Apple executive and hire him as the CEO of one of the oldest retail clothing businesses in America?  You get a complete transformation – from an old retail concept to a superior customer experience. It means outperforming on every level.
JC Penney Company, one of the largest department store retailers in the United States, sought a qualified commercial contractor to construct the new layout for JC Penney’s new “store-in-stores” concept, kicking it off with global cosmetic and beauty retailer, Sephora. 
JC Penney invited T&G to manage its first three renovations in Florida.  A tight deadline goal that all Sephoras across the country must open on the same day posed a challenge. T&G succeeded and was later praised by corporate for being one of the few contractors to not only meet the deadline but also exceeded all quality expectations.
JC Penney saw in T&G a fellow outperformer, and invited our team of professionals to manage the renovations of 12 retail locations. This time, the “store-in-store” concepts were larger in scope and required meticulous planning detail.  Weeks before “breaking ground” T&G built, painted, delivered and stored dozens of 8’ x 4’ barricades to create “invisible” work areas within the stores and establish a zero interruption policy for JC Penney shoppers.
We believe our culture of empowering employees create a distinct advantage. The project team was able to make decisions and negotiate important issues on the spot to limit bottlenecks in production. In addition, the owners at T&G provided project involvement throughout the construction process. 

Final Thoughts
As a service-driven company, T&G understands that a vital aspect of our job is to identify our clients’ unique goals, solving issues they face and coming up with creative solutions quickly and safely. We encourage success in today’s economy by committing our time and energy to minimizing risks and safeguarding investments.  It’s why as a company we’re united by a common goal: Outperform.